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Intro to ponds and water gardens.

If your thinking of adding a pond or water feature to your yard. Do it. The sound of running water can block out some everyday noise and watching the wildlife you can attract is fun. There are a lot of different ways to bring water gardens to your yard. You can build a pond. We offer a flexible liner, which will give you the freedom to make you pond any shape or size. When planning the location of the pond, you must decide what you’re going to put into the pond. If you want to grow water lilies you will need a sunny location. It is recommended that the water surface is covered by plant material to aid with sun filtration. Remember not to place your pond where it will get a lot of debris from trees. Not all water gardens have to be ponds. You can have a water-less waterfall. Which means the water basin is covered. A simple water bowel filled with plants and a couple small fish is great for small area. We offer a large selection of pumps, filters, liners and plants. Are staff is always willing to help with the planning of your pond so don’t be afraid to ask.

  • Water Lily

    Water Lily

  • ProudMax TintMax

    ProudMax TintMax

  • Water plant

    Water plant

  • Aquascape products

    Aquascape products

  • Water barrel garden

    Water barrel garden

  • Laguna Water Prep

    Laguna Water Prep

  • Water Hyacinth

    Water Hyacinth

  • Laguna Goldfish & Koi Floating Pellets Food

    Laguna Goldfish & Koi Floating Pellets Food

  • Koi


  • Laguna Clear Fast

    Laguna Clear Fast

  • Shubunkin


  • Laguna Bio Sludge Control

    Laguna Bio Sludge Control

  • Goldfish


  • ProudMax Barley

    ProudMax Barley

  • proudMax Clear Max

    proudMax Clear Max

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