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February 9, 2021


Table top water features are a beautiful addition to your home. Small fish like a single goldfish or betta work great for water bowls.

You will need:

Water plant (eg. water hyacinth)

Glass bowl

Sand Pebbles

Small piece of driftwood

Activated carbon or charcoal

Chlorine free water

Make sure your water feature has a large mouth top to allow lots of oxygen in for both your plants and fish. Always make sure that the plants roots are fully submerged.

Due to the lack of filter or aeration you will need to make sure you have a 1-inch layer of activated carbon to draw out toxins that build up from fish waste. Carbon should ideally be replaced every 3 months. Water bowls will need a weekly water change of 25% to insure adequate oxygen and clean water.


Tips for ensuring healthy water features:

Always make sure the water is dechlorinated or filtered. Chlorinated water can both harm your fish and kill the beneficial bacteria. Using distilled is not recommended as it is filtered of all the natural minerals both your fish and plants need.

Never remove more that 50% of your aquarium water at any given time. Doing a water change any higher than that volume can result in your fish going into shock and potentially dying.

Add fish sparling. For a healthy and long life for your fish never break the 1-inch rule. Please take into consideration the growth of your fish over their lifetime.

Monitor your water by purchasing a water testing kit or by taking it to your local pet store for testing.


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