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The most important thing to remember when growing blueberry plants is that they need a very low pH balance to grow well.

Plant at least two bushes of a variety for cross-pollination. A mix of early-, mid- and late-bearing varieties will ensure a steady stream of fruit for your table.

Amend the soil with peat moss and acidic compost for blueberries if necessary; they thrive in slightly acidic, organic soil that stays evenly moist — never soggy.

Prune plants lightly when you plant them to remove any broken branches and establish their shapes.

Mulch your blueberries with 2 to 4 inches of organic material such as bark, well-rotted acidic compost or pine needles to prevent weeds and keep soil moist around blueberry’s

How long does it take a blueberry to grow big enough to produce fruit? It can take three to four years before they will produce fruit.

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Blueberry Variety

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